Introducing the Desco Mini Zero Volt Monitor

Mini Zero Volt Monitor (ZVM)

The Mini Zero Volt Monitor (ZVM) is the first single station dual-wire continuous monitor from Desco. It continuously monitors the ground integrity and charge generation of one operator as well as the ground integrity for one ESD worksurface and one optional tool. Desco continuous monitors eliminate the need for periodic testing and record keeping of wrist straps. The Desco Mini ZVM carries the fastest monitor response time on the market.

The Mini ZVM utilizes constant test voltage signals for true continuous monitoring (versus pulsed or intermittent test signals) observing path-to-ground resistances including the operator lower limit detecting the presence of 1 megohm current limiting resistor. The Mini ZVM will also alarm if voltage on the operator is greater than ±2.5 VDC.

This product utilizes Desco’s patented Zero Volt Monitoring™ resistive loop technology and is appropriate for use in all applications including critical ESD sensitive applications such as disk drive manufacturing.

For the continuous monitor to observe the resistance, it sends a test signal. The voltage of this signal will be shared being placed on the operator. Desco’s patented Zero Volt Monitoring sends two test signals which are of equal and opposite polarity. The result is near zero voltage being placed on the operator. ZVM dual-polarity technology sends a low steady state DC test signal of positive 1.25 volts one direction and a test voltage of negative 1.25 volts the other direction.

The Desco Mini Zero Volt Monitor will alarm if it detects a voltage charge > ±2.5 volts on the operator making it an excellent choice when handling very sensitive ESD susceptible items. The operator test voltage, charge detect voltage and worksurface limit are user adjustable. Whether detecting out of limit resistance to ground from operator, worksurface or tool, there will be visual and audible alarms.


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