How to ground a chair

A regular, non-ESD chair cannot be made ESD protective by simply adding a drag chain to ground it. With many chairs the base, wheels, etc are plastic (insulators) and cannot be grounded. To understand this better it important to know what makes a chair an ESD chair:

ESD chairs have four important components:

  1. A static dissipative fabric or vinyl on the seat and back.
  2. The seat of the chair is bonded to the gas cylinder, column, and castor base.
  3. The plunger or vacuum assembly is then bonded to a metal chair ring and or caster base.
  4. The caster base then uses ESD casters or a drag chain to bond to the ESD floor (ESD chairs must be used with a groundable floor)

Consider ESD chairs, or convert non-ESD chairs with chair covers.

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