Preventing Corrosion with VpCI-125 HP Bags

Electronic devices are present everywhere and device failures happens everyday. The reliability of electronic products can be greatly impacted by corrosion. Corrosion on electronic components can result in poor electrical contact and possible failure of those electronic components. The new VpCI-125 HP bags offered by Desco are designed to provide packaging for ESD sensitive contents and where corrosion is a concern.

The material has permanent dissipative Inner and Outer Surfaces (Rtt <1.0 x 10E11 ohms per ANSI/ESD STM11.11). The Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI) is a chemistry designed by Cortec. The VpCI chemistry seeks out the metal surface and creates an invisible (or molecular) layer of protection around exposed metals. The chemistry has a higher affinity to metal than water does and will seek out metal surfaces to push the water away at the molecular level because it is hydrophobic. Cortec VPCI chemistry does not attach itself to the metal but creates a molecular barrier around the metal. When an item with exposed metal is placed inside of a VPCI bag and the bag is closed, the chemistry will seek out the metal surface and fill the atmosphere inside of the bag. The bag must be enclosed as the chemistry will come to equilibrium within the atmosphere it has access to. Once the bag is opened, the chemistry will emit out and will not remain bonded to the exposed metal.

The VpCI-125 HP bags are available in standard sizes, with and without zippers, and as customs. Contact us for more information.

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