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The EOS/ESD Association offers a variety of videos to better understand EOS and ESD control. Topics include Electrostatic (ESD) Discharge, How to Measure Gloves, Measuring Flooring Resistance – Product Qualification & Compliance Verification, Voltage Suppression, Static Induction and more. Click HERE to view all the videos.

Jim Hall and Phil Zarrow, The Assembly Brothers, share their own expertise on this matter at Circuit Insight. Listen to the audio HERE Desco offers a variety of ESD workstation mats that cover most PCB assembly/handling applications. The newest product design, Statfree® HJ has the highest durometer (hardness) of any of our materials for greater…

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Mounting an ionizer in an electronics production area can be challenging. Ideally, an ionizer will meet the ESD Protected Area’s performance standards while not interfering with normal activity at the workstation. The ionizer should be pointed directly at the target area where ESD susceptible devices are located. The ionizer’s fan speed can be increased to…

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