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DESCO now manufactures a series of bags which are qualified to MIL-PRF-81705E Type III, Class 2. These products are on the Qualified Product Listing under the Defense Standardization Program. Check our listing HERE. Standard stock bags are converted per MIL-DTL-117H. For standard sizes and further see the product pages HERE. The DESCO 81705 bags are…

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Trustat™ NEW B80 mats are .080″ thick, extruded homogenous vinyl material. It is designed to provide a path to ground and eliminate static charge generation when used as a worksurface table mat, shelf liner, or tray liner. The surface resistance (1 x 10E6 < 1 x 10E9 ohms Rtt) meets the ANSI/ESD S20.20 worksurface required…

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Activates when operator is at workstation
Deactivates when workstation is vacant to:

Conserve Energy

Reduce Ionizer Maintenance

Ionizer Motion Sensor

The Desco ionizer motion sensor is designed to automatically activate an ionizer when an operator is present at the workstation and to turn off when the workstation is vacant.  Automatically activating the ionizer ensures that the ionizer is used at workstations where required and deactivating the ionizer when the workstation is vacant will conserve energy and increase the maintenance intervals of the ionizer.   The control unit is capable of switching up to 5 amps at 120VAC and is fuse (5a, 250v, slow blow) protected.

Motion Sensor in use with Bench Top Ionizer
Ionizer motion sensor used with a bench top ionizer.
Motion Sensor in use with Overhead Ionizer
Ionizer motion sensor used with overhead ionizer with sensor unit mounted on workstation shelf.

The ionizer motion sensor uses a unique infrared light and band pass filter to prevent interference from other light sources.  The band pass filter uses a reflected infrared light with the specific frequency to sense the presence of the operator. It does not require continuous motion to remain active. The deactivation delay time can be set to 1 minute, 10 minutes, or 1 hour periods.  This delay prevents the ionizer from turning on and off frequently if an operator is only away from the workstation momentarily.

Compatible with the following 120VAC Desco Ionizers: 60500,  6050560640, and 60473.

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Item Description Price*
60509 Ionizer Motion Sensor, 120VAC $165.00

*The prices in the Desco Online Catalog supersede all pricing on new product announcements and may change without notice.

19325 (Replaces Item 19225) NEW Improved Banana Jack Creates a consistent connection and helps prevent accidental disconnects with the operator’s wrist strap Single Station Continuous Monitor for Operator, ESD Work Surface, and Electrical Ground Continuously monitors the integrity of operator’s electrical ground as well as one operator and ESD workstation, eliminating the need for periodic…

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Low-VOC Meets CARB and other regional VOC requirements 23% Solids – 2 Coat System Reduces labor needed for initial install and on-going maintenance of the floor Better Hardness vs. Leading Competition ASTM Standard D2134.93 Resists wear in order to maintain ESD performance longer UL Listed for Slip Resistance Tested by Underwriters Laboratory to their slip…

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Vinyl and Rubber Floor Mat Liquid Cleaning Solution Used to remove dust, grease, grime, shoe prints, and other contaminants from ESD floor mats to maintain the performance of the mats. Simple Application Does Not Require Additional Rinsing Wet surface and then scrub/mop with a lint free flat mop until dry. Silicone Free Contains no silicone…

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