Measurement Tools for the “The Simple Problem”

The ESD Association provided a recent article for Printed Circuit Design and FAB called titled “The Simple Solution”.  To read the entire article, click HERE.

The article is a good discussion regarding the importance of measuring in ESD Control situations.   Any good ESD Control Plan requires different measuring devices to determine the need for and effectiveness of the control devices in use.  The ultimate measure for determining if an ESD control program is effective is through the quality and yield of the products manufactured. If returns for failures (quality) or latent failures (quality) are low and manufacturing yields are high, the ESD Control Plan is working.  If returns and yields are not meeting their targets, ESD control can be a solution to improvement.

For most ESD Control Plans there 3 types of equipment are needed for measurements  

  • Desco Resistance Meters are used to measure the resistance of a surface (mats, laminate, shielding bags).
  • Desco Static Field Meters are used to measure surface voltage and polarity on objects (product housings, test fixtures, components) and to measure the effectiveness of ionizers.
  • Personnel Grounding Testers are used to determine that an operator’s wrist strap and/or foot grounders are functioning correctly.

Desco’s factory trained sales reps are equipped with these measurement devices for demoing.  Desco’s sales reps are also trained to perform ESD Surveys with the equipment.  There is no fee for an ESD Survey, it is a great way to have an extra set of eyes take a look at your ESD Control Plan. Using industry standard and calibrated equipment, we will take measurements and make observations and provide you with a written report similar to the one attached.  If you are interested in an ESD Survey and/or a test equipment demo please contact us HERE

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