ESD Association (ESDA) Offering a 2 day seminar in St Louis, MO

The ESDA is offering a 2 day seminar in St Louis, MO titled:
Essentials for ESD Programs Factory: Technologies – Controls – Procedures

This two-day seminar consists of concentrated versions of the 10 ESDA tutorials which comprise the ESDA Program Manager (PrM) Certification Program:
– ESD Basics for the Program Manager
– Ionization and Answers for the Program Manager
– Packaging Principles for the Program Manager
– System Level ESD/EMI: Testing to IEC and other Standards
– Cleanroom Considerations for the Program Manager
– How To’s of In-Plant ESD Survey and Evaluation Measurements
– Device Technology and Failure Analysis Overview
– Electrostatic Calculations for the Program Manager and the ESD Engineer
– ESD Standards Overview for the Program Manager
– 3ESD Program Development & Assessment (ANSI/ESD S20.20 Seminar)

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