Moisture Barrier Bags – Market Comparison

Desco offers a number of standard sized Statshield® Moisture Barrier Bags. We always recommend evaluating our product to ensure it meets your requirements. We will gladly provide samples for your evaluation; just fill out a request here.

3M Series Statshield® Moisture Barrier Bags Series Drawing/Specs
3M 2000 3.5 mil #13806
3M 2700 6.5 mil #13760
3M 3000 4.0 mil Foil #13950
3M 3400 4.0 mil Foil #13950
3M 3700 4.0 mil Foil #13950

To see the details and specs for 3M bags – Click Here

Standard items normally ship within 3 working days of an order being received. If you have questions, require specials sized bags, or need samples of Desco’s bags, please contact us at

NOTE: The complete dry package concept of packaging for electronics requires three elements:

Moisture Barrier Bags – To Protect

Desiccant Packs – To Absorb Moisture

Indicator Cards – To Monitor Performance

For detailed instructions see Technical Bulletin TB-2031 “Application Instructions for Moisture Barrier Bags.

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