You’re Invited – ESD Seminars in Tuscon, Arizona

The EOS/ESD Association is  excited to offer two ESD Seminars at the The Westin La Paloma Resort, Tucson, Arizona in April

March 31-April 1, 2014
ESD Device Design Essentials
Instructors: Gianluca Boselli and Michael G. Khazhinsky

This Seminar provides a broad exposure to the essentials of design sensitivity trends that affect ESD control practices. It offers a two-day comprehensive set of the fundamentals of ESD testing, high-current physics, and ESD modeling principles which are applied to ESD Protection Design. Special ESD design cases are explored and EOS/ESD failure models and mechanisms are discussed. The seminar provides practical examples for troubleshooting of on-chip ESD failures.

Cost: $1,510 Members, $1,610 Non-members

April 7-8, 2014
Essentials for ESD Programs
Factory: Technologies * Controls * Procedures
Instructors: Carl Newberg and Dr. Terry L. Welsher

This Seminar is a broad exposure to the essentials of ESD programs. It offers a two-day comprehensive set of factory technologies and procedures designed for managers, technicians, and specialists desiring ESD control program training and information. Key concepts of ESDA tutorials on factory technologies, controls, and procedures that provide a comprehensive overview of factory processes.

 Cost: $1,510 Members, $1,610 Non-members

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