Installing an IRIS Room Ionization System

EMIT installed our IRIS Room Ionization System at a customer over this past weekend. The room called for a 3 zone system covering approximately 10,000 square feet. The power supplies and components are built in our factory in Chino, CA leading up to the scheduled installation date with the customer.

An outline of the installation schedule was as follows:

Day 1 – Friday
Delivered all the materials. Staged all the bagged material in the staging room for the clean room.

Day 2 – Saturday
Hang the majority of the emitters, sensors, and cables. Mount the back plates for the tablets and power supplies.

Day 3 – Sunday
Connect system to IRIS power supplies and tablet monitoring systems.

Day 4 – Monday
Take initial performance measurements. Dial in the settings to find the “sweet spot” and get the targeted decay times we projected. By the end of the day we were getting decay times in three ranges depending on air flow – 16 to 32 seconds in good air flow, 50-60 seconds in fair airflow, and 75-85 seconds in poor airflow.

Day 5 – Tuesday
Finalize the performance measurements after being in operation for over 24 hours. Set up IRIS Server to communicate with the IRIS Client over the customer’s network.

About EMIT IRIS Room Ionization System
IRIS Room Ionization System neutralizes electrostatic charges in an entire cubic volume of a room atmosphere. Each IRIS power supplies can power and control 200 over-head mounted emitters covering approximately 3,500 square feet of area. Each emitter produces bi-polar ionization resulting in stable ion production when in use. Real time ion sensing and cycle timing allows for uninterrupted operation. Standard ABS components and a modular design allow the emitters to be configured to fit most pre-existing rooms. Pair with EMIT TEAM5 IRIS Client Software for continuous automatic ionization balancing of each zone, to keep a running log of all zone activities and to manage calibration.

For more information about the EMIT IRIS Room Ionization System, contact us HERE.


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