What is the Value of Becoming ESD Certified?


As pointed out by the ESD Association, “Certification provides confirmation that a person meets certain criteria of knowledge and problem-solving ability. Certification can be beneficial on multiple levels. For the certifying organization, it provides standard practices that create discipline within the industry, it provides awareness and advances in technology, and it can provide increased cooperation between organizations. For the employer, it can result in increased safety, higher product yield, and increased customer and employee confidence that produces dedication and improved teamwork. For the certified professional, it provides credibility in the industry; it demonstrates knowledge, experience and competency. It typically creates increased opportunities for career advancement and increased earnings. It is clearly one form of professional development, and can improve job performance through the increased confidence that comes with “knowing what you know.”

Are you interested in ESD training and certification?

Learn more about ESD Certification and the different certificates available by visiting the ESD Association Certification page: https://www.esda.org/certification/

Additional information on ESD training and certification is available here: http://www.halperinassoc.com/services/esdtraining/esdspecialistprogram/schedule.asp


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