Wave Distortion Technology is the Most Reliable Technology for Continuous Monitoring of Single-Wire Wrist Straps

WaveManWave Distortion Technology continuous monitors feature low test voltage, a low monitor range for 1 megohm of resistance in the operator’s wrist strap, and instantaneous detection of an intermittent or failure of the path-to-ground of the operator or work surface that other monitors / technologies miss.

How Wave Distortion Technology Works

  • Applies a continuous test voltage (1.2 volts peak-to-peak at 1-2 Micro Amps)
  • The connection to the human body  (HBM) creates a sine wave that the monitor circuit compares to the total impedance to established patterns.
  • By monitoring the “distortions”, or shape of the sine wave, Wave Distortion Technology determines if operator is grounded properly.
  • Different “distortions” represent different parameters of the monitor.

    Screen digital oscilloscope
    Sine Wave

Wave Distortion Technology vs other Wrist Strap Monitoring Technologies 

There are three types of wrist strap monitoring on the market today. They include: 1) Basic Capacitance / Impedance Monitoring, 2) Resistance Monitoring, and 3) Wave Distortion Capacitance / Impedance Monitoring. Below is a comparative chart of the three technologies:



The latest Wave Distortion Technology provides the most reliable and stable confirmation of an operator’s continuous path-to-ground to ensure ESD sensitive product is protected at all times.


19651_2For a demo of Wave Distortion Technology, contact Desco.

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