Mat Accessories and Cleaners

The following are guidelines for cleaning Desco ESD control products. Please consider that health and safety always take precedent to ESD control. Confer with your company’s health and safety department for further clarification. Operators should not share products such as wrist straps, smocks, gloves or foot grounders. Operators should be responsible for cleaning the products…

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ESD worksurfaces, such as mats, are typically an integral part of the ESD workstation, particularly in areas where hand assembly occurs. Carts or shelves where ESD sensitive items are stored (without ESD shielding) would also be treated as an ESD workstation. The purpose of the ESD worksurface is two-fold: To provide a surface with little to…

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Using snaps has long been the most common way of making a grounding connection (wrist straps, ground cords, etc) in ESD control products, but snaps have some drawbacks. Snaps can be easily unsnapped or damaged, and they are not normally used for making an electrical connections. Desco manufacturers a better design that is more durable and cannot be easily disengaged.

The design used in Desco’s dome style ground cords is made with a 10mm (0.395 in.) male threaded snap. Dome style ground cords are sometimes called a Floor Mat Ground, but they can be used on work benches too. With a screw and washer installed from the backside of the mat, the ground cord can be secured to the mat to reduce the opportunity for the mat to become ungrounded.

See a better way to connect in this video.

Vinyl and Rubber Floor Mat Liquid Cleaning Solution Used to remove dust, grease, grime, shoe prints, and other contaminants from ESD floor mats to maintain the performance of the mats. Simple Application Does Not Require Additional Rinsing Wet surface and then scrub/mop with a lint free flat mop until dry. Silicone Free Contains no silicone…

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