Watch a short video provided by Static Stop on the installation process of their SelecTile™ product at Imagineering in Elk Grove, Illinois. ESD Systems is a SelecTile™ re-seller. The product is available in boxes of ten, 23.75″ x 23.75″ tiles (coin and flat) and pre-configured mat kits with edging. See available products HERE.

Worksurface and floor mats are most commonly grounded with a dedicated wire that is connected to electrical ground. Traditionally, the connection between the mat and wire is made with a snap. Snap connections can become electrically intermittent or accidentally disconnected, causing the worksurface to lose its connection to ground. To improve this connection, Desco offers…

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When elastic wristbands wear out and loose their elasticity, the band can easily be replaced. There is no need to replace the entire wristband, which saves money. Desco’s elastic replacement strip is easy to replace with no tools. Watch the video to learn more. See Desco’s elastic replacement strip.

Measure: Indicate surface voltage and polarity of objects. Control: Insulators must be identified at an ESD work area and must meet the guidelines in the ESDA’s ESD Control Program Handbook-ESD TR20.20. Non-Process Essential Insulators If items that can charge to 125 volts or more*, then one of the following will be used: Remove the item…

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Lenovo Service posted a video on their youtube site called “Understanding Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) for Technicians.” We encourage you to take a look.  The video is very informative and does a good job of covering the basics of ESD control when working with ESD susceptible devices or components. The basic practices of controlling ESD when…

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Using snaps has long been the most common way of making a grounding connection (wrist straps, ground cords, etc) in ESD control products, but snaps have some drawbacks. Snaps can be easily unsnapped or damaged, and they are not normally used for making an electrical connections. Desco manufacturers a better design that is more durable and cannot be easily disengaged.

The design used in Desco’s dome style ground cords is made with a 10mm (0.395 in.) male threaded snap. Dome style ground cords are sometimes called a Floor Mat Ground, but they can be used on work benches too. With a screw and washer installed from the backside of the mat, the ground cord can be secured to the mat to reduce the opportunity for the mat to become ungrounded.

See a better way to connect in this video.

Toby Harvey of HMC Electronics, local distributor in Massachusetts, highlights the most popular Desco foot grounders in this video. Desco 07599 High Visibility Foot Grounder Desco 17200 Velcro® Stretch Hook and Loop Foot Grounder Desco 17271 Full Coverage Non-Marring Foot Grounder Desco stat-A-Rest™ Full Coverage Foot Grounder with Contact Points on Sole and Heel Area…

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