Improving the Path-to-Ground of Worksurface Mats

Worksurface and floor mats are most commonly grounded with a dedicated wire that is connected to electrical ground. Traditionally, the connection between the mat and wire is made with a snap. Snap connections can become electrically intermittent or accidentally disconnected, causing the worksurface to lose its connection to ground.

To improve this connection, Desco offers ground cords with threaded holes. Desco Dome Style Ground Cords (10mm male) include a short and long screw to accommodate for various mat thicknesses (~.060 to ~.375 inches). Threaded connections are recommended because they are more secure than traditional snaps and can be accidentally removed. The path-to-ground integrity of a mat should be periodically verified with a surface resistance meter and/or a continuous monitor.

Ground_SnapGroundcordC (1)

See video below of the Desco Dome Style Ground Cord with threaded snap connection.

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