UL Listed ESD Control Products

Underwriters Laboratories (UL)  has for 110 years been one of the world’s leading product safety testing and certification organizations.  Products that carry the UL mark have been tested and evaluated to determine that the products meet UL’s requirements.  UL is an architect of U.S. and Canada safety systems, having developed more than 1,200 safety standards, and actively participating in national and international standards development.  In order for Desco’s products to be UL listed, we provide UL with samples of products for testing and allow their field inspectors to make unannounced quarterly visits to any of our manufacturing facilities to confirm that the UL listed products are being made as the products were originally evaluated. If UL finds that Desco has deviated from the originally tested products, UL can stop our production and/or require us to remove all the UL markings from our products.

Desco is very proud to make products that meet UL’s requirements.  We have maintained UL listings for 20-plus consecutive years on some of our products and we have never experienced a delisting due to non-compliance.  We recognize that the UL listing on our products is a testament to the quality of the product and our manufacturing processes.  By selecting a product that is UL listed, you are getting additional value of the UL listing and peace of mind in the purchasing decision you are making.

The following products from Desco amongst those that carry the UL marking:

Jewel® Wrist Straps

Statguard® Floor Finish

Trustat™ Wrist Straps and Foot Grounders

Heel Grounders

Full Coverage Foot Grounders

Premium Full Coverage Foot Grounders

Sole Grounders

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