Managing Your ESD Control Program

A good article was published on the Circuits Assembly website recently. The article was written by the ESD Association and is titled Managing Your ESD Program. The article discusses the challenges manufactures face in designing and maintaining an ESD control program for their operations. The article goes on to breakdown managing an ESD program in the following areas:

  • Identify and establish ESD teams.
  • Identify your losses.
  • Identify ESD sensitive items.
  • Evaluate your facility and processes.
  • Establish and implement procedures.
  • Train personnel.
  • Evaluate, adjust and provide feedback.

In addition to your Compliance Verification Plan, a good way to enhance an ESD Control Program is with a Desco ESD control survey. Desco offers a no-charge ESD surveys as a way to have an extra set of eyes take a look at your program. Our sales reps are outfitted with equipment to perform ESD Surveys. Using the ESD Association’s standards and their equipment, Desco sales reps will take measurements, make observations, and provide you with a written report to help you manage your program.

If you are interested in an ESD Survey and/or a test equipment demo please contact us HERE.

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