Customer Feed-back: Desco Premium Full Coverage Foot Grounder is a better value, providing triple the life.

 Full Coverage Foot Grounder

A leader in manufacturing electronic products in Asia, evaluated Desco Full Coverage Foot Grounder (17290, 17291, and 17292) to determine if they actually outperformed standard heel grounders.

The customer was easily convinced that the path-to-ground of a full coverage style foot grounder outperformed a standard heel grounder due to the contact points on both the heel and sole of the full coverage style. What surprised the customer was when they tested for lifespan of the product. The customer found that the full coverage design lasts 2-3 times longer than a standard heel grounder. The test results determined that the reason for the longer lifespan was that the initial point of contact with the floor, during a normal walking motion was at the back of the heel; exactly where a normal heel grounder fits on a shoe. The heel portion of the full coverage foot grounder is moved slightly towards the toe of foot. So the majority of the wear and tear caused by walking is placed on the operator’s shoe rather than the full coverage foot grounder. The results of the customer’s tests were that the Desco Full Coverage Foot Grounders were a better value due to the longer useful life and provided a superior flooring/footwear personnel grounding as compared to standard heel grounders.

To request a sample of a Desco Full Coverage Foot Grounder, use the below chart to determine your size, click on the item number and then click on the button on the items webpage.

Mens Womans Size Item #
4 to 8 Small 17290
8 to 12 6 to 10 Medium 17291
10 to 14 Large 17292

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