ESD Mats

Watch a short video provided by Static Stop on the installation process of their SelecTile™ product at Imagineering in Elk Grove, Illinois. ESD Systems is a SelecTile™ re-seller. The product is available in boxes of ten, 23.75″ x 23.75″ tiles (coin and flat) and pre-configured mat kits with edging. See available products HERE.

A leader in manufacturing electronic products in Asia, evaluated Desco Full Coverage Foot Grounder (17290, 17291, and 17292) to determine if they actually outperformed standard heel grounders. The customer was easily convinced that the path-to-ground of a full coverage style foot grounder outperformed a standard heel grounder due to the contact points on both the…

Read more Customer Feed-back: Desco Premium Full Coverage Foot Grounder is a better value, providing triple the life.

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