Will moving PCBs on an ESD mat scratch and stress the soldered components on the bottom side?

Jim Hall and Phil Zarrow, The Assembly Brothers, share their own expertise on this matter at Circuit Insight. Listen to the audio HERE

Desco offers a variety of ESD workstation mats that cover most PCB assembly/handling applications. The newest product design, Statfree® HJ has the highest durometer (hardness) of any of our materials for greater resistance to abrasion, cuts, stretching and tearing. Statfree® T2 Plus is an updated nitrile compound that limits oil absorption to improve electrical and physical properties through the lifespan of the material. Statfree® Z2 material is a softer, .125” thick vinyl composite material designed to provide additional physical protection.

If interested in evaluating any of these ESD mats or other worksurface mats that Desco manufactures, please contact us for samples and additional information.

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