ESD Process Control and Data Acquisition Solutions

Two important elements to managing an ESD Control Plan are:

  •  controlling access to the ESD Protected Area
  • and record keeping of personnel grounding devices – wrist strap, foot grounders, and smocks.

ESD coordinators are faced with the challenge of limiting access to the ESD Protected Area to people that are properly trained to handle ESD susceptible Paper Logsdevices and that are using a personnel grounding device.  Additionally, the ESD coordinator must track the people that have accessed the ESD Protected Area and confirm that their personnel grounding devices are functioning correctly.  Traditionally this has been done with a log book where operators (and visitors) note their test results in an honor system fashion.  These log books are then stored for future uses for reference in quality issues or audits.  The record keeping system is of a bygone era and is quickly being replaced with a more modern electronic record keeping system.

The SmartLog V5™ independently tests the resistance path limits of the wrist strap and both ESD footwear in less than 2 seconds. It may also test an ESD garment while worn if it is used as part of personnel grounding path. Test results are electronically stored in the SmartLog V5™ and then downloaded to a PC for evaluation and archiving of the data.  This product can be used as one of the tools to fulfill the ANSI/ESD S20.20 section 7.3 “Compliance Verification Plan.”  The Smartlog V5™ may be paired with a turnstile or connection to an electronically locking door to further control access to the ESD Protected Area. The TEAM5 software manages personnel and test data for personnel ESD grounding devices tested on the SmartLog V5™.

Test and personnel data may be SmartlogV5withTurnstileviewed/reported locally, via a network Web page and emailed automatically on a scheduled or on-demand basis. TEAM5 uses date/time stamps on all user requirement changes to comply with quality control and record keeping requirements. This ensures archived tests are always linked to historically accurate personnel data. The SmartLog V5™ ESD test stations and Network (Multi User) programs operate semi-autonomously to ensure continuous operation even while network or server outages occur.

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