Benefits of Right Angle Banana Coil Cords

Low ProfileRightAngle_vs_StraightBanana
The profile of a right angle banana plug when inserted in a banana jack is approximately 4 times less than a straight banana plug.  The lower profile reduces the opportunity for people, carts, or other things in the work area to accidentally disengage or damage the banana plug.


Reduced Strain on Cord
At most ESD protected workstations the banana jack or workstation monitor is located at the front edge to one side. The design of a right angle banana coil cord reduces the stress on the plug/jack connection.  Operators will experience less “tug” from the coil cord and the lifespan of the cord will be extended.



To further evaluate the right angle banana coil cord, request a sample of one of these wrist strap kits:


09202 – MagSnap

91070 – Metal Band

19889 – MagSnap360 Dual Wire*

*For use with dual conductor (dual wire) monitors only.


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