Access Control and ESD Control

One of the tenants of a ESD Control Plan is controlling access to the ESD Protected Area. This is commonly accomplished by defining an area of a facility as the ESD Protected Area by taping off sections of the floor and placing signs to indicate that proper ESD control practices should be followed once an operator enters the area.

06742-POSTER, AREA WARNING, 17'' x 22'', PACK OF 5
Signs indicate when entering an EPA

However, nowadays ESD control and access control are more integrated. Periodic touch testers such as the Desco Combo Tester X3 can be connected to doors or turnstiles to limit access to operators with personnel grounding devices (wrist straps, foot grounders, ESD shoes, smocks) that are functioning correctly.

Required testing of wrist straps, and foot grounders can limit access to the EPA.

Further access control can be achieved with the Smartlog® Pro to limit access to designated areas, times, and qualifications. The proper placement and integration of ESD personnel can enhance a facilities access control.

The ESD Association notes the importance of a defined ESD Protected Area with controlled access in a number of places.

Handbook ESD TR20.20 section 9.0 ESD Protected Areas – Appropriate signs and markings must identify protected areas so that all people entering the area,
including visitors, are aware that special precautions are needed.

Personnel grounding testers can be integrated with
existing access control system to further
access control.

ANSI/ESDS20.20 section 8.3 ESD Protected

Areas (EPAs) – Access to the EPA shall be limited to personnel who have completed appropriate ESD training. Untrained individuals shall be escorted by trained personnel while in an EPA [ESD Protected Area].

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