ESD Testing Hurts

We posted this back in May 2012, and we noticed the video has gone viral recently with major news channels like CBS news.

People do not start feeling charges from an ESD event until the discharge is at least 2000 volts while many common components used for manufacturing of electronics are susceptible to 100 volts or less  .   Here are some other common activities that will generate an ESD charge:

– Walking across a carpeted floor: 1,500 – 35,000 volts

– Walking across at untreated vinyl floor: 250 – 12,000 volts

– Vinyl sheet protector used for work instructions: 600 – 7,000 volts

– Worker at bench: 700 – 6,000 volts

This video and blog post from ElectroBoom show what happens at 25,000 volts.

See Desco ESD Control products.

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